Flowers in glycerine. How to save

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If you want to save for a long time presented a bouquet or make an everlasting bouquet as a gift, you can preserve the flowers using glycerol.
Glycerin can save a flower almost in its original form, even plants are flexible and only slightly change color. The only «but» — too young foliage canning using glycerol can not be.

For the preservation of flowers will need:
— Glycerol
— Water,
— Transparent containers (plastic or glass with a lid, better nevysovkie and wide as the small flowers will float)
— Flowers with thick stems and leaves, because flowers with finer foliage worse retain the initial view.

1. The freshly washed container add colors in any order, because after pouring liquid flowers still mixed. Light solitary flowers after pouring liquid usually emerge. Flowers must be prepared in a certain way: to make an oblique cut of the stem, remove the lower leaves, peel or bark and split the stem about 6 cm, allow the solution to penetrate better the flower.

2. Prepare a solution: mix hot water with glycerol in a ratio of 3: 1 (one part glycerin and three parts water). The resulting solution was cooled to room temperature.

3. Fill the solution into the prepared container with flowers.

4. If, after pouring do not like the colors — better with a stick or tweezers.

5. Tightly close the lid. The cover can decorate with ribbons, raffia, cloth, dried flowers, in general, all that is at hand.

6. Put on the shelf. After 2 weeks, when the flowers are soaked in glycerine, the solution may become cloudy — pollen, flower juice, etc. You can merge rasvor, rinse flowers (smell may be unpleasant) and pour this over the solution. All. Then the flowers will remain unchanged as long as you do not want a new bouquet.


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