10 awesome games

1. Glowing water
To keep water in the bathroom light as white blouse in a disco in the light of a neon lamp, enough to dissolve in the bath 2 large vitamin pill (45-60 mg each). To glow was bright, turn off the bathroom light and set the lamp near the bathroom (just be careful that the lamp fell into the bath, and do not leave children unattended!)
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Crafts from credit cards.

It is no secret that the validity of credit cards is limited to two or three years, then it is necessary to apply to banking institutions for the new plastic card.

Thus, we are no longer required, but quite bright and colorful pieces of plastic. Did you know that the credit card may be of interest to us not only in the financial life, but also in everyday life? Let us together with you fantasize a little bit and try to apply these colorful pieces of fairly durable plastic for the manufacture of a variety of useful things in life.
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Master Class. Snowman from plastic cups.

1. So, take disposable cups white (Lots 300-400 pcs.), For the nose and cheeks — red eye — blue; staples and just in case interlining gun.

2. Putting a circle cups staples. Number, two, three. You will see how a ball is formed.

We have included fantasy and made a number of red stakanchikov- is get a belt from a snowman.
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Beautiful boxes for gifts

Do not wrap gifts? There is still time to make beautiful boxes for gifts with their own hands.

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