Window Decor

Window Decor. Balls and garlands

Window decor christmas perfectly complements the traditional Christmas tree decoration is very harmonious look in the apartment and a country house. Especially anxious to decorations for the windows are children agree that a sense of fairy tales and Christmas mood — the necessary attributes for the new year. In today’s article, we decided to talk about a few ideas of how you can quickly and original decorate the windows in your apartment.

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Christmas toys Handmade. Ball

Christmas toys Handmade. Ball

Christmas toys Handmade today we will teach you to make balloons gossamer of threads. Balls of yarn look very attractive, do not require special skills and money. Many were doing their school work in the classroom. And the use of these balloons webs endless: simply as an element of decoration and as a lampshade, and as a New Year’s toys. From several such balls of threads can make all sorts of toys: snowmen, birds, fish. In general, everything that had the imagination.
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New Year’s ball.

1.We need:

— Styrofoam ball (in my case d = 17 cm, after the competition all the toys are hung on the streets of the central tree and the house, you can take the ball and 8 cm)
— PVA glue (I have a building, but it is possible and stationery)
— Eggshell (well dried)
— Gouache 2 colors,
— Brush with synthetic bristles glued to the shell,
— Natural brush to paint ball and stick a napkin,
— palette,
— Glass,
— A sponge or foam,
— Three-layer cloth,
— Feed parchёvaya narrow,
— Acrylic varnish.
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New application

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