Coffee Christmas Tree.

We will need:
— Styrofoam cone;
— coffee beans;
— Silicone (glue-type moment I do not recommend using it dissolves the foam, though the unbelievers may check …) and a syringe without a needle to him;
— Gold acrylic paint or any other (for toning the cone);
— Styrofoam balls for the snow;
— Beads, beads, ribbon for bows, sequins;
— Sintepon to stand.
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NEW YEAR’S DECOR Herringbone

NEW YEAR’S DECOR Herringbone

🎄 For Christmas DECOR Herringbone, we need triangles of green paper, and you can add a few shades of green.

Triangles add up the accordion, folded in half, glue, we get the shape of a leaf. Such blanks glued to the base from the bottom tier to the top and ate. Herringbone is ready.
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Offer your child an interesting experiment — to paint a picture with the «ice» crystals! To do this you’ll need a few bags of magnesium sulfate (magnesium), which can be bought at any drugstore.

1. Magnesium sulfate (aka — magnesium, it — Epsom salt).
2. Regular table salt — a small pinch «the eye.»
3. Water.
4. watercolor paint or food coloring.
5. Watercolor paper.
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Volume snowflake out of paper strips

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