Ideas for toddlers. «A cup with a flower.»

Ideas for toddlers.


For the production of «A cup with a flower» we will need:
— Colored cardboard;
— Thick tinted paper;
— Thin tinted paper (for midway);
— Simple pencil;
— A pair of scissors;
— glue stick;
— Millet cereal.
Draw cup template for future cards (one side pen) .On colored cardboard draw out the pattern, cut, half go too.
To produce a dense gerbera use tinted paper, which was applied three flower loop (two more and one slightly smaller, cut out.
To make the volume necessary to bend each petal in half lengthwise and cut diagonally across the tip.
Then collect Gerber: paste the one flower to another, glue promazyvaya middle and shifting pitch.
Cut two circles of different diameter, yellow and green for the midway, glue one to the other, top to pour millet grits.








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