Easter lamb from salt dough

Today I want to offer you to work with the salty dough and dazzle of his paschal lamb for the upcoming holiday of light Easter. Work will take you a lot of pleasure, and the result could surpass all expectations) Easter lamb will look great on the holiday table, complementing Easter decorative composition. I invite you to view the master class in photography. Good luck in the works and with the upcoming holiday!



For work, we need:

weight for modeling — salt dough,
a wooden cutting board,
rolling pin,
Aluminium Foil,
baking paper,
a bowl,
a toothpick or a barbecue stick,
as a spray varnish.

Getting Started. Mix the ingredients for the salt dough — flour, salt and water and knead the dough elastic.

From aluminum foil we need to do carcass lamb. Roll out the dough into two salty cakes: for lamb thicker and thinner body for molding small parts — ears and legs.

Cakes of salt dough wrap frame, forming a lamb body. Lepim ears and glue to the muzzle with a brush dipped in water.

Toothpick or kebab stick is pressed on the face eyes and nostrils. lamb wool do with the help of spadefoot — squeezing of her salt dough. Having dealt with the molding, put the lamb on baking paper and put in the oven, preheated to 75-degrees. Dry the Paschal lamb and a half hours without changing the temperature of the oven was then increased to 200 tonnes degrees and wait for lamb color turns dark and slightly golden.

Pashalnyiy-yagnenok-iz-solenogo-testa-71 Pashalnyiy-yagnenok-iz-solenogo-testa-81

Ready lamb cool, then cover with lacquer in a spray.


Can you paint a lamb, mutton or lamb with acrylic paints.




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