Crafts Easter bunnies

These funny gifts for Easter with their hands can easily make your kids.


For making Easter bunnies need:

• empty egg chicken
• felt different colors
• glue «liquid nails» transparent
• cardboard pencil
• Acrylic paint colorful
• thin brush
Chicken eggs syringe gently to release the contents, rinse with clean water and dry.

With white acrylic paint. While the paint dries, paint on cardboard fine detail future leverets — ear, foot front and rear cut.

Now, prepared cardboard template to make harvesting of felt. The colors of your pick — the brighter, and suddenly, the merrier.

For tail cut from felt circle about 2.5 cm and pull on the edge of the thread, placing inside a tiny ball of cotton wool.

Glue the parts with glue when the glue is dry — paint your Easter bunnies in its sole discretion.

These cute souvenirs for Easter with their hands decorate your holiday table and will be fun gift for loved ones.



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