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How to apply the old cutlery crockery

How to apply the old cutlery and crockery Old cutlery crockery compiled a list of creative ideas that will give you some inspiration to find new uses for them.

DIY design shelves. 11great ideas

DIY design shelves. 11 great ideas

How turn old kitchen utensils stylish lamps

Lamps. How to turn an old cookware in the stylish lamps Each house has unused teacups. Make a table lamp or lampshade. It is an unusual decoration, guests will notice.

Decoration table. Candlesticks

Decoration for the table. Candlesticks Candlesticks made of glass, you can decorate not only belts, but also laurel leaves, which is in every house. Pick whole flat leaves and decorate their candle around the entire circumference. Apply the leaves with white glue — start from the bottom row. Decorate the finished composition with satin braid, […]