How to make openwork candle with his own hands

How to make openwork candle with his own hands

Make openwork candle let’s try today. This original jewelery can be a highlight of your home or room. Moreover, the process of creation is not too time-consuming.

How to make openwork candle with his own hands

You will need:

  •  Candle weight (melt in a water bath ordinary white candles)
  •  The dye (suitable wax crayons)
  •  The flavor (any essential oil)
  •  The wick (narrow-diameter circular braided or twisted tightly in several layers harsh thread)
  •  The holder of the wick (it can be used to take out a round candle in an aluminum pan)
  •  Form (fit the most simple plastic cup)
  •  Ready ice

1.To get a lot of candle, wax and dye planed and melt them together in a water bath. When the melt, add a few drops of essential oil.

2. Prepare future wick, fix it in the holder and secure the tip (it is possible to mount the back of the drip melted paraffin and allow to harden).

  • Informations on that Topic here

3. A little drip wax on the bottom of the form and attach the wick. To make it more convenient, screw the upper end of the wick on any stick or pencil. The stick will be on the edge of the form and will capture the wick.

4. Ice crush into crumbs. The easiest way to do it, wrapped it in a cloth and tapping with a hammer on top of the beat meat.

5. Now, very quickly, that the ice has melted, pour it into a mold and immediately pour hot candle mass.

6. Let the candle cool. In order to accurately and easily remove the candle from the mold, hold the glass horizontally under hot running water.

7. Ctenki heat up, and the candle is easy to come out.

8. Carefully remove the remains of candle weight, trim the wick — your delicate candle ready!

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