Decoration Watering Can

Decoration Watering Can

we need:

  • Lake galvanized
  • Painting on metal
  • acrylic paints
  • Means medium-Antique
  • Pasta acrylic relief
  • PVA glue
  • Nail acrylic semi-gloss
  • Composition Raysin
  • Mold with birds
  • Palette knife, brush, dish sponge, dried flowers, linen lace.

1. Watering can degreasing.  And cover it with paint on metal. For this I use the sponge for washing dishes. It is necessary to cover the funnel into two layers with drying between coats for 4 hours.

Decoration Watering Can13

2. After the second coat has dried, cover the funnel with acrylic paint, my Turkish Cadence, flax color and color Taffy. Now paint color Taffy.

Decoration Watering Can12

3. After drying the paste to mix acrylic embossed with thin PVA (PVA about 30%) and apply artistic palette knife on one side of the watering.

Decoration Watering Can11

Decoration Watering Can10

4. In the lower part of the press in a piece of linen lace.

Decoration Watering Can9

5. Then push the dried flowers.

Decoration Watering Can8

6. All leave to dry for 6 hours. Thereafter, PVA glue applied over the entire surface. Again leave to dry. Also make and the other half watering can.

Decoration Watering Can7

7. After the two halves have dried up, to cover all bright paint Taffy, then you have «dirty» color of flax. Top Taffy again.
Here is a multilayered painting turned out. And then varnished watering can three layers with drying 2-3 hours.

Decoration Watering Can6

Decoration Watering Can5

8. Next, cover the Antica. In areas under the dried flowers, all hollow. Drying 20 minutes.

Decoration Watering Can4

9. Wet lint-free cloth, rub the protruding watering can place so as to create drawing volume. The dry brush and paint Taffy, apply the dark places, like muting them.

Decoration Watering Can3

10. Then varnish all watering in three layers with drying between coats. During this time I have to make birdies.
Take MDL with birds. Make Raysin composition in a ratio of 1 part of the composition of water and 0.5 pour into mold. Allow to dry.

Decoration Watering Can14

11. When the birdies dried up, paint Antica, then bright acrylic paint. Glue on the watering can.

12. Paint the twine, glue it on top of watering can. And all three times with birds and twine varnish with drying between coats.
At the ends of twine can be to pin interesting accessories.
Fairy Decoration Watering can is ready!

Decoration Watering Can2

Decoration Watering Can

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