Decorate frame by hand

Decorate the frame by hand

Decorate frame With a huge variety available under the hands of different materials once even uncomfortable to buy a frame for tapestry or panel in the store. Of course, dear, store-bought wooden frame, perfect for the mat with a photo, and tapestry, its classic decor will decorate the panels of the puzzle, but it will not be pieces of your soul. House frame with your hands can be made from paper, pasta, bamboo, plaster, shells and even from the floor.

  • Frame pasta

You can hold a master class, putting Decorate frame on an ordinary ready-made frame of wood, decorated with her designs pasta. These flour products currently in production volume and beautiful. Boil them is not necessary, just add first pattern of dry macaroni (spirals, leaves, shells and wheels) on paper, and then transfer decoration on the frame, pasting a «moment.» Then paint over any paint and dry.

Vintage wooden frame and pasta for a panel or tapestry ready. The strength of the pattern of pasta depends on the brand of glue, and its decor, the beauty of your imagination and shape of pasta.

Decorate frame by hand

  • Marine decor

It looks great design frame made of wood using seashells. Through this master class, it is not necessary to decorate the panels of puzzles patterns of shells, but a tapestry with the sea view or a photo decor is fine. The pattern of the shells can be supplemented by small dried crab or a large sand beach.

Frame made of shells do not need to decorate, it is enough to cover the transparent furniture varnish. For the manufacture of the frame of shells not required to use a base of a tree. With the same success pattern of seashells will look great over a mat of thick cardboard.

Decorate frame by hand2

frame of varying shape and size — collage: picture frame wall

  • Framing for the Egyptian tapestry

For exotic papyrus tapestry or panel of puzzles perfect vintage bamboo frame. And as with the bamboo at home there, we will make the decor look like a frame with his hands out of paper.

Master class for the production of bamboo

To select a single color papyrus mat and measure the edges. We turn on the tube 10 cm longer than our measurements.
Screw in several places «nodes» of bamboo.
Cut the tube Cook shown.
Paste of gray toilet paper.
We stick together and sticks tied with «bamboo» harsh linen thread.
Coloring under the bamboo. Master class is over, it remains to decorate our original panel frame by gluing it to the edge of the mat.

Decorate the frame by hand6

Decorate the frame by hand5

Decorate the frame by hand4

Decorate frame by hand3

  • Master class by cutting out the plinth

As a rule, watercolors and photographs framed mat. And then it is inserted into a beautiful three-dimensional framework. To do this, however, as for tapestry or panel, perfect frame of bamboo, wood or moldings. Master class on making frame with his hands folded from a plinth that we have very accurately cut off the plinth with both sides at an angle of 45 °. Then gently glued parts.

You can further enhance the design, glued to the underside of the frame of the plinth mat. Decorate a frame can unusual color composition decor or autumn leaf glued to the mat. Mouldings sold not only of wood, but also of plastic foam and plastic. To work with them easier.

Decorate frame by hand7

Decorate the frame by hand8

  • Decorate frame: Beading

Master Class «How to make a frame with your hands Bead» begins with measurement. To this end, as well as pasta and shells, taken an ordinary wooden frame and wide for its size knitted patterns of beads, which are then glued with glue.

This frame can be decorated with panels of puzzles, or to make an original décor on the edge of the tapestry, mats for children’s drawings or portraits. Making beads, as well as pasta, or shells, it is in itself a work of art.

Decorate frame by hand9

  • Frames with their hands in plaster

Heavy stylish framing mat, tapestry or a picture obtained from gypsum. Master class manufacturing of plaster Decorate frame begins with the search form. For this perfect round plastic box out of a cake or candy. Put into a plastic jar with a smaller diameter and knead the solution of gypsum in a ratio of 1 liter of water per 1.5 kg of gypsum.

Decorate frame by hand10

Do not forget to provide fixation of plaster to the wall. For this we turn ordinary flat wire shamrock and put the depth of the form so that one «leaf» (spiral wire) protruding from the plaster. Master class when working with a solution of gypsum performed very quickly, that he has the ability to instantly set. After 20 minutes, you will only have to remove the mold and insert the panels or photo.

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