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HOW make cardboard. Falsehood fireplace

HOW make of cardboard. Falsehood fireplace Make cardboard a falsehood fireplace with the help This will be an imitation, but it looks like real! The size of the fireplace -115 — 115 — 30.

Crafts wine corks. ideas

Crafts from wine corks. ideas


Homemade BONSAI ARTIFICIAL IVY Homemade BONSAI can be easily done. And most importantly — a dwarf tree handmade does not require any watering and any special care. You only need to dust the artificial leaves.

Garden paths caps

Garden paths of caps Recently, a magazine read an interesting idea — homemade garden paths of the caps from plastic bottles. The article was written, that to create a track length of 15 m and a width of 55 cm has been spent 9000 caps. This idea is only the number of covers without scares. […]