Pots flowers made bark

Pots for flowers made of tree bark

Pots flowers made bark can be made with your own hands right now, without waiting for spring when the outside cold and frost.

Right now, when we are in his house spend almost all my free time, hiding from the frost on the street, I want as much warmth, comfort and beauty of the interior.

Fans want to propose the creation of floristry with their hands in the original pots ecological style. The homemade pots can be placed as living small flowers and artificial.

If you enjoy creating handmade flowers — made of cloth, paper, foamirana, plastics, polymer clay, cold porcelain, or beads, you have the unique opportunity to arrange their work nicely.

Pots flowers made bark

Materials needed:

floral Foam
foam or plastic wrap (you can make the hands of the newspapers, hose, wire, etc.)
PVA glue
Melt with hot glue
corrugated or crepe paper
little flowers — live or artificial
artificial berries for decorating
cardboard or plastic circle.
We started to build pots for flowers from the tree bark.

Take our foundation — a hoop made of plastic, foam, and twisted his hands out of the hose, newspapers, wire and so on. Wrapped with crepe or corrugated base paper, fixing it with white glue. You can also use paper and paint wrap brown paint, if you have foam.

Pots flowers made bark2

Floral Foam is cut by the diameter of the inside of our bases, we put in the middle. Bottom glue a circle of cardboard or plastic.

Pots flowers made bark3

tree bark glue using Melt with hot glue.

Pots flowers made bark4

We stick our flowers in floral sponge. If you are using fresh flowers, the sponge must be moistened with water.

Pots flowers made bark5

The finished decorative composition in ecological style supplement artificial berries and feathers.

Good luck in the works for interior decoration pots flowers made bark!

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