Crochet Easter Eggs

Schemes come in handy over the needle women, knowing how to crochet, to prepare for a Happy Easter to decorate a festive interior and creating it comfort, warmth, beautiful festive atmosphere.

Chicken eggs have to pre-empty, clean and dry. Eggs can be tied with thin cotton thread. Tulips tie rods glued to the Barbecue, which will serve as the stalks of ornamental flowers. If not at hand sticks, you can apply the wire floristic. Leaves of tulips can also crochet or cut them out of cloth or corrugated paper.


Driving harness hook eggs to create the decorative tulip:

Obvyazka-kryuchkom-pashalnyih-yaits1 Obvyazka-kryuchkom-pashalnyih-yaits11

Scheme for binding Easter egg full:

Obvyazka-kryuchkom-pashalnyih-yaits12 Obvyazka-kryuchkom-pashalnyih-yaits13

Easter eggs tied with completely, can be hung on an indoor plant in a pot, or simply put in a bowl to create decorative composition.




I enclose a few schemes for the binding of Easter eggs.

99907082_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___5_1 99907084_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___6_1
99907079_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___2_1 99907081_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___4_1 99907078_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___1_1 99907080_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___3_1 99907085_shemuy_dlya_obvyazki_kryuchkom_pashalnuyh_yaic___7_1 100366048_pashalnuye_yayca_obvyazka_kryuchkom__17_1

100366049_pashalnuye_yayca_obvyazka_kryuchkom__18_1 100366061_pashalnuye_yayca_obvyazka_kryuchkom__28_1

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