Crafts newspaper tubes. Barrel for sweets

Crafts newspaper tubes. Barrel for sweets

Crafts newspaper tubes how to make:

1. The need to prepare in advance a round shape, you’ll braid
2. So, prepare for the crafts newspaper tubes. Arrange them two by two cross twice, and then the two «cross» impose on each other to get the sun.
3. Then take the working tube, fold in half, and start braiding rope. Weaving should contain the transition from the bottom to the walls, it must be smooth and with a smooth transition.
4. When you are small weave bedplate, turn netting. Place it on the form, continue to weave a few rows, with the tube bases will gradually bend toward the center.
5. Turn the netting completely and then continue to weave a bottom-up barrel wall. When he reached the middle of the form, continue to spin without her. Especially it is not necessary to bend the tube base and pull them, giving the product a round shape. Simply continue to spin without form, and you will see how your weaving itself is rounded to the center. Closer to the edge of the barrel, weave pattern «rope of three tubes», which will serve as decorative trim product. Next propletite two series of the usual «rope.»
6. Complete the work should be normal crimping, setting the stage for the tube bases, one after another out, so weaving more rounded inward and your keg will take a round shape, and the ends of the tubes will be extra easy to hide under the netting. When the excess part of the tubes will be clipped after refueling, take the needle and slide the tip of the cut inside woven series (so you hide all unnecessary defects).
7. It remains only to paint, PVA pogruntovat barrel with water (3: 2) and secure with acrylic lacquer. This keg I painted stain «tick» and then toned bottom and place under trim with black paint. Coated article acrylic matte varnish.

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Crafts newspaper tubes. Barrel for sweets Crafts newspaper tubes. Barrel for sweets2

Crafts newspaper tubes. Barrel for sweets3

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