How to transfer picture Photos on Wood

How to transfer picture Photos on Wood

Picture Photos Wood do you might think that your favorite photos printed on a laser printer, can be applied to wood, varnished and they will serve you forever! You can easily do it with their own hands following the steps below.

How to transfer picture Photos Wood

we will need:

— Photo on a laser printer

— Board wood of any size and thickness

— Gel medium (acrylic)

— Paintbrush for applying gel

— Rubber roller for smoothing photos

— Paints for wood (optional) and cloth

— Soft wax or matte decoupage glue ModPodge to line and cover image

— Brush for wax

— Fittings for hanging pictures

How to transfer picture Photos Wood7

Very Important — Photo should be printed on a laser printer!

How to transfer picture Photos Wood6

Cover the entire surface of a single layer of wood, a medium gel. If the layer will be too thick and dense, it will be difficult to remove the image after the procedure. Too thin layer is not likely to allow the image in some places, travel back to the tree. Try to create a smooth, high-quality layer.

After the gel medium is applied must be placed a photo of the front of the tree. In the picture will necessarily bubbles. Use rubber roll to avoid damaging the pattern.

Leave it to dry overnight.

How to transfer picture Photos Wood5

Remove the paper. It is necessary to wet it and rubbed away with his hands. It’s quite a dirty process and perhaps there is another way, but our fingers seemed the most appropriate tool.
This is very exciting time — see how the picture is already apparent on the tree.
Prepare a vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess that appears right after this step.

How to transfer picture Photos Wood3

At this stage, you can show your creativity. Since we wanted to, so that the image had a vintage look, then covered it with a layer of paint to wood. Be careful that the work does not become too dark or has not acquired an undesirable color. You can soak after the application surface with a cloth to remove any excess.

Then treat the edges with sandpaper to remove excess gel and align the wooden surface.

At the final stage picture Photos Wood cover picture of a soft paraffin to make it smooth and flat. After drying the first layer, the procedure can be repeated.

How to transfer picture Photos Wood4

Picture Photos Wood we hang on the wall. In any craft store you can find specific clamp for pictures. Do not forget to take the screws of length not greater than the thickness of the wood.

How to transfer picture Photos Wood2


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