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Decor frames photos. Original ideas

Decor frames photos. Original ideas Decor frames photos old can be easily converted into a stylish piece. Flower composition

Sea pebbles rugs

Sea pebbles for rugs Pebbles rugs used in the creation of creative carpet. You will need a carpet or felt and glue.

Made Tires. Pots flowers,eco-CHAIR

Crafts Made Old Tires. Pots flowers,eco-CHAIR Today the offer made tires use junk material to create beautiful and desired interior. From rubber from car or bus, you can make a stylish ottoman to give creative and eco-chair for the garden, and from the rubber from the tractor, you can create large pots for garden plants […]

DIY SCARF Without sewing!

DIY SCARF Without sewing! Made From Old Clothes You Need To Try!