Garden bench of the chairs: Master Class

Garden bench of the chairs: Master Class

Garden bench — is the center of recreation areas. Let’s do it with!

Let’s start with the selection of a suitable corner for our garden «settee». Ideal — green lawn, immersed in colorful flower beds and decorative shrubs, or a secluded place in the shade of a large tree.

It is important that the bench was not only beautiful and comfortable, but also sturdy. Such man-made objects will be very unusual, but you can make them just over an hour, especially if you have all the details.
The main thing — to show imagination. In our case, the useful old, but very sturdy wooden chairs that are more than a year without work gathered dust in the barn. Bench of them get a very elegant and trendy «aged» decor will add a certain charm garden bench.

Garden bench of the chairs

you will need:

  • two old chairs without seats
  • batten
  • the door of the old cabinet or furniture panels
  • gold and dark brown acrylic paint
  • means for Crazing
  • decoupage card with images of large flowers
  • glue for decoupage
  • silk matt lacquer boat
  • brush
  • sponge
  • pencil
  • sandpaper
  • scissors
  • disposable platter
  • fretsaw
  • screwdriver
  • screws

1. Put two chairs side by side, we press tightly to one another.

Garden bench of the chairs2

2. Measure out the length of the future seat bench — it is the length of the two seats.

Garden bench of the chairs3

3. saw off two wooden slats of a given size.

Garden bench of the chairs4

4. Cooked slats arranged in parallel, combining both the chair and fasten with screws. Fixing produce from the back side.

Garden bench of the chairs5

5. imposes on the resulting base bench old door of the cabinet or furniture board, and on it from the bottom with a pencil draw out the outline of the future seat of the bench.

Garden bench of the chairs6

6. Scrollsaw bench seat with an electric jigsaw.

Garden bench of the chairs7

7. We clean the seat edges with sandpaper.

Garden bench of the chairs8

8. Fasten the seat to the base of the bench with screws.

Garden bench of the chairs9

9. The seat was stained with gold acrylic paint.

Garden bench of the chairs10

10. Apply the gold paint on the sponge and gently touching the back and legs of the benches in different places, do golden spot — they simulate the wear.

Garden bench of the chairs11

11. The seat bench cover means for Crazing and well dried.

Garden bench of the chairs12

12. Quickly paint the seat in dark brown paint. Almost immediately appear golden brown cracked background.

Garden bench of the chairs13

13. Cut the decoupage map image large flowers and leaves (decoupage card is large and allows to obtain images much larger than on napkins).

14. Pour into a plate disposable little water and soaked in her carved images. Unlike paper napkins for decoupage is very dense, so the image before applying must be soaked with water.

15. Apply glue to decoupage on each of the soaked pictures.

Garden bench of the chairs14

16. Carefully paste the pictures on the seat bench and well dried.

Garden bench of the chairs15

17. Ready bench cover three layers of boat varnish. Interval before application of each successive layer must be 6 hours.

Garden bench of the chairs16

And how do you use the old furniture in the country?

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