DIY old sweaters useful things

DIY from old sweaters useful things

  • Decorating candlesticks and vases

DIY old sweaters what else can be done? Sleeve sweaters suitable for making decorative candleholders. We must cut off the sleeve of a sweater, did not pull his bank, cut to length and glue the edges to the sweater bottom banks. These candle holders look very nice in the evening, creating a pleasant lighting.

DIY old sweaters useful things

  • cover to pillow

Want to decorate a sofa or bed — sew stylish woolen cover from the back shelves and sweaters. Cut two rectangles of the same size under the pillow and stitched on three sides from the wrong side. Remove the resulting pillowcase, insert the pillow and sew the last side of a hidden seam. For this fit any woolen cloth, so try to trim at its interior.

DIY old sweaters useful things2

  • Mittens made of an old sweater

Made From Old Clothes You Need To Try here

DIY old sweaters all work will take no more than an hour, but the result — a new and useful thing! It should be a circle, cut and sew the two pieces.

DIY old sweaters useful things8

  • Pots for PLANTS

With the help of wool can turn ugly flower pot in a spectacular element of the decor, which will want to watch again and again. You will also need glue or thread with a needle and cut from an old sweater. a pair of spring bulb plants advise to buy (hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses) and put on the window sill in a woolen pots. March 8 th you will have an excellent bouquet on the window!

DIY old sweaters useful things3

DIY old sweaters useful things4

  • BRACELETS wool

Because the sleeves and bottom gum sweater can make a beautiful bracelet. Measure the circumference of the bracelet using centimeters and is made of a piece of wool a pattern size. To fit bracelet and plastic, and wooden base. You can use the old bracelet, which will no longer wear or buy a blank in stores for needlework.

DIY old sweaters useful things5

Wool need obtyanut bracelet and glue aerosol adhesive suitable for tissue or via Melt. Ready bracelet can be decorated with additional details: beads, rhinestones, etc. or leave it.

DIY old sweaters useful things6

  • DIY old sweaters. Lampshade

Shade can be upholstered in any shape and size. In the case of a floor or hanging lamp used back and shelf sweater, and if you want obtyanut miniature lampshades for wall lamps or ceiling lights — use a sleeve. In all cases, the lampshade is attached with an adhesive spray. Difficulties there is no need to try just as gently as possible to turn in the wool under the edge of the lampshade so that it does not stick and not sticking.

DIY old sweaters useful things7


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