Weaving newspapers. Easter basket

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket

Weaving newspapers. I want to offer to weave a basket from newspaper tubes for the upcoming holiday of light Easter. This option PEDs quite simple and easy to perform, cope and novices in this kind of creativity. PEDs will not take much of your time. Wicker basket can be used for dry foods — cakes and biscuits, candy or to create decorative easter compositions, as in this embodiment. I invite you to view the master class in photography.

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket

To do this:
tubules from newspapers or magazines,
glue for paper,
paint, stain or paint color,
Scotch tape or adhesive tape,
decoupage card, cloth, printing or village from a color magazine,
varnish for wood.
How to weave a basket of paper vines. Getting Started. Take the tube (in this embodiment, the tube painted immediately prior to weaving, stains) and cardboard. From cardboard, we need to cut two pieces oval to bottom of the basket and a rectangle for a side. With the size of carton blanks to the bottom of the basket is determined by themselves, in spite of the size of network you need.

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket_7

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket_6

Duct up and fix clothespins. We begin to spin, building up newspaper rolls in the process of weaving.

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket_5

To the cardboard bottom glue the printout on the printer, decoupage card swipe or a picture of your favorite glossy magazine.

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket_4

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket_3

Weaving newspapers. Easter basket_2

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