Decorating Easter eggs straw

Decorating Easter eggs straw

Decorating Easter eggs straw options offer you

Decorating Easter eggs straw

Decorating Easter eggs straw2

For work, we need:

chicken or goose eggs,
kebab sticks,
potatoes or floral oasis
latex gloves,
spray paint (or paint in the pot and brush)
newspaper or paper,
a large cardboard box,
small scissors,
ironing board or mat,
cutting board,

Preparation for painting . Eggs are washed in soapy water, and remove the contents, after making two holes. The holes should be slightly larger than the volume kebab sticks. Make a hole carefully with a sharp knife. Strung eggs on a kebab stick, which is installed on a potato or a floristic oasis. Eggs should not touch, should be a distance of 3-4 cm between them.

Paint eggs spray paint (for coloring paints have to be at room temperature) or in the traditional way with acrylic paint with a brush. When using nitrokrasok for a good coloring of eggs will need two layers with an interval of time for drying of the first. Spray paint is necessary to wear protective gloves. In order to avoid contamination all around the paint, it is convenient to use a large cardboard box. Before decorating eggs strips paint on them is completely dry.

Straw for decorating Easter eggs should be collected in the summer and well dried in a dark place. The best straw — a rye. Gather straw when rye (wheat or barley) is still wet. Before work dried straw soaked in warm water for about an hour. In some cases, the straw requires immersion in water for a day with a small amount of detergent.

To smooth the straw, it can be ironed not very hot iron. If you straw is too thick, remove the bottom layer with a sharp knife. For the decoration of thin straws cut into small nail scissors into triangles, stripes, circles, and so on.

Cut into strips glued to the egg with a toothpick or sharpened sticks barbecue. To pattern on Easter egg turned out smooth and symmetrical, it is desirable to pre-raschertit pencil egg.

Decorating Easter eggs straw3

Decorating Easter eggs straw4

Decorating Easter eggs straw5

Decorating Easter eggs straw6

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Decorating Easter eggs straw7

Decorating Easter eggs straw8

Decorating Easter eggs straw9

Decorating Easter eggs straw10

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