Crafts Easter chicken laying hen

This Easter chicken easily make a schoolgirl, which already has the skills to work with needle and fabric. This chicken decorate a festive table for Easter and will serve as a good gift for loved ones.


To work needed:
• white felt (or thick cloth)
• bright colored cotton
• felt red
• Felt orange
• parts of the cardboard templates
• sintepon (both wings filler)
• tight adhesive interlining
• colored beads
• thread x / b light gray
• eyes


Starting with the manufacture of cardboard parts.

These parts are easy to draw on their own. My chicken has turned a small (with a scallop height 18 cm, width 16 cm trunk.), All inside fit 3 eggs.
By carton blanks cut out two pieces of the body and the bottom of one piece of white felt.

From the bright calico cut out two pieces of the wing, one wing in mirror image.

From syntepon also cut the two wings. Red felt — for scallop (1 pc) and earrings (1 pc). Orange felt — for the beak.
Calico wings are best ironed on a tight adhesive interlining.


The fabric will not stretch during operation, will not crumble edge. Then sew the wings to the body parts and bulking filler (padding polyester).

Now we collect our chicken. For beauty I suggest using colored beads — red, blue, orange (the color calico). In pre-dialing string beads, and then start sewing.

Parts of the body begin to sew a tail to the bottoms, beads inserted through the stitch.

Then sew the front of the head to the bottom of inserting between the parts of the body comb, beak and an earring. At the end of sew bottom of a circle.

The backrest is not cross-linked, so that there lay eggs. But for completeness items back edge too overcast with beads. Cardboard template bottoms can be put into the cross-linked chicken for added stability.



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