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Window Decor. Balls and garlands

Window decor christmas perfectly complements the traditional Christmas tree decoration is very harmonious look in the apartment and a country house. Especially anxious to decorations for the windows are children agree that a sense of fairy tales and Christmas mood — the necessary attributes for the new year. In today’s article, we decided to talk about a few ideas of how you can quickly and original decorate the windows in your apartment.

  • Patterns of artificial snow

You will need:

— Toothpaste (white)
— Small container
— A deep dish with water
— rag
— sponge
— A bottle of water sprays,
— Paper snowflakes

1.Toothpaste should be diluted with water, stir to a thick paste-like state. Use toothpaste without adding colored particles.

Window decor.

2.Drop a snowflake in a bowl with water.

Window decor. 2

3.Glue snowflake to the glass on the water, gently straighten the paper creases.

Window decor. 3

4.With snowflakes will drain the water, blot it with a cloth.

Window decor. 4

5.To most of the windows were clear, she put on a little water sprays. Dip a sponge in water divorced toothpaste and tampovki method applied to the glass.

Window decor. 5

6.In wet and dry sponge get a different effect, so do not be afraid to experiment. Places where we put the water sprays produced prozrachnee.Podozhdite a few minutes until the paste will dry up and peel off the paper snowflakes.

Window decor. 6

7.Done! After the holidays, the decor is easily washed off with water without any detergent.

Window decor. 7

  • Window Decor balls and garlands

Christmas balls hanging on the Christmas tree not only, you know? On New Year’s Eve can be hung over the entire length of the curtains on tape right color and they will be nice to spin every time you opens the window. Another way — to hang this whole bunch of balls, ribbons tied together and hung them in the middle. Tapes can be purchased in the department of gift wrapping, and it would be best if they are thin and satin.

And in case all the balls still left on the tree, keep in mind that hang in such a way can be anything: dried slices of fruit, cookies, cones (if desired, they can be spread on a solid wire and make them their own hands any form — for example, the heart), and other variety of festive decorations.

Perhaps the easiest Christmas window decoration — is attached to the curtains Garland. It hangs on the type of swags, attached around the perimeter of the window or hanging «rain» — on New Year’s it all looks equally magical. However garlands can be not only electrical and another example of Christmas balls, toys, or characters.

Tip: If you hang roman, roller blinds or curtains and cornice cafe itself is absent, you can attach the garland to install a small hooks in the corners next to the window. In addition, using this same technique can pull twine or rope at the middle of the window and hang on to it lightweight plastic balls, rag or paper decorations.

Window Decor balls and garlands

Window Decor balls and garlands2

Window Decor balls and garlands3

Window Decor balls and garlands4

Window Decor balls and garlands5

Window Decor balls and garlands6

Window Decor balls and garlands7

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