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Master Class. Snowman from plastic cups.

1. So, take disposable cups white (Lots 300-400 pcs.), For the nose and cheeks — red eye — blue; staples and just in case interlining gun. 2. Putting a circle cups staples. Number, two, three. You will see how a ball is formed. We have included fantasy and made a number of red stakanchikov- is […]

Christmas decorations by hand.

Approaching the New Year — the winter fairy tale, wonderful experiences, rest. These days we want to decorate your house, especially if on the eve of it will meet a noisy company. Of course, you can draw walls trivial tinsel and lights, but to use any original ideas Christmas decorations will be much better. Often, […]

Elegant decorated Christmas trees

Elegant decorated Christmas trees Decorated Christmas trees the charming for New Year’s interior.

CHRISTMAS crafts colored paper

CHRISTMAS crafts out of colored paper Crafts colored paper From accordion folded strips of paper can be made here is the original Christmas decorations. Hold a candle on a Christmas tree made of paper stuck to them because of the clothespin. For beauty clothespins can be painted with gold paint.