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Christmas Toy own hands

The preceding each holiday, people think that it is better to buy as a gift. But at all times, the best gift was that made his own. I offer you a small fotomanual, on how to make a Christmas toy.

How to make Christmas decorations from cones with their hands.

How to make Christmas decorations from cones with their hands Christmas decorations cones is approaching, and it is time to reflect on the Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, Christmas decor and dishes for the holiday table.

Coffee Christmas Tree.

We will need: — Styrofoam cone; — coffee beans; — Silicone (glue-type moment I do not recommend using it dissolves the foam, though the unbelievers may check …) and a syringe without a needle to him; — Gold acrylic paint or any other (for toning the cone); — Styrofoam balls for the snow; — Beads, […]

NEW YEAR’S DECOR Herringbone

NEW YEAR’S DECOR Herringbone For Christmas DECOR Herringbone, we need triangles of green paper, and you can add a few shades of green. Triangles add up the accordion, folded in half, glue, we get the shape of a leaf. Such blanks glued to the base from the bottom tier to the top and ate. Herringbone […]