How to make a Christmas toys

How to make a Christmas toys

Make Christmas toys are funny caps can be used on the Christmas tree. Making them is very, very simple. For those who do not know how to knit, but it wants to do with his own hands something of woolen thread. Also, these caps can be made for the doll or toy. After all, in the winter need to be warmed and our toys!

How to make Christmas toys

We need: woolen yarn, cardboard toilet paper.

Measure out about 2 cm on cardboard toilet paper. Cut the rings in such an amount as will our hats.

How to make Christmas toys_9

Woolen threads cut into pieces. The sum of the two.

How to make a Christmas toys_8

Winding thread paper rings as shown in the photo

How to make Christmas toys_7

It turns out that’s a tail.

How to make Christmas toys_6

We are putting together a bundle of thread and tie. Intercepts the thread of the same color.

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How to make Christmas toys_5

How to make Christmas toys_4

Cut the 1.5-2 cm, retreating from the place of bandages. From the skin, which is tied up, making a loop.

How to make Christmas toys_3

How to make Christmas toys_2

Wonderful Christmas toys in the form of caps are ready for the Christmas tree!

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