Herringbone pasta.

Beautifully turns out, it is easy to cause admiring glances and draws compliments.
You will need:
— Flour;
— Water;
— Two kinds of pasta (feathers and bows + 1 helical makaroninka);
— plastic cup;
— Tray Stand;
— Green and gold paint in balonchike;
— Inspiration;
— a wish;
— Small adult singer and his assistant.

2 cups flour + water = 1 cup of thick dough
The water does not pour all at once, but gradually add, make the dough smooth, without kamochkov.
The dough is ready when you do not stick to hands.

Put a plastic cup (for tree holding foormu) upside down on the tray.
Nalepa him the dough, form the basis for Christmas trees.
Pasta sticks so that the sharp corners looked down.
Balonchike with green paint color makaronovuyu tree.
Separately color pasta with gold paint, ribbons and spiral macaroni, allow to dry and stick to the fur-tree.

Make the tip: at the very top of screw pre-painted with a spiral macaroni glued to her bows.

Pasta can be different, so makaronoelki options set.

Dry on the window sill is not less than 12 hours.
You can decorate your Christmas tree with beads, sequins, sparkles, rain, and even small igrushechki (for example, buttons).


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