Handmade Christmas tree

Handmade Christmas tree

Handmade Christmas tree from natural materials, which ultimately will not fall and will barbed like a natural tree. And yet — this is a little secret — the coin at the bottom to attract wealth.

Handmade Christmas tree

We need:

— Sisal cloth,
— Wooden skewer,
— Cork from the bottle,
— Coin,
— A piece of fabric from a natural fiber (canvas, linen or calico)
— Glue,
— Beads.

— Scissors,
— Knife
— Line,
— Compasses.

Handmade Christmas tree_7

Step 1: Make a stump.

Cut the cork from the bottle in half, glue in the bottom of the coin — for stability and to attract wealth.
In the center of the top of doing a small hole under the stem.

Step 2: Make a trunk

Cut the piece of wooden skewers so long, how high, we would like to see our Christmas tree + 1 cm stem penetration in the stump.
Paste the trunk middle stump, tip up.

Step 3: Decorate a tree stump.

Decor hemp make a pouch.

On a piece of cloth compass draw a circle whose radius is equal to the diameter of its hemp + height + 1 cm for assembly. We cut out the circle.

The edge of the fabric seam collect, departing from the edge of 0.5 cm. The ends of the yarn reserve on the front side of the fabric.

Handmade Christmas tree_6

We put the barrel in the middle of the circle and tighten the thread around the stem, tying a bow.

At the ends of the strands can be worn beads.

Handmade Christmas tree_5

Step 4: Develop a crown.

Sisal fabric cut into strips of different widths, depending on what «fluffy» herringbone we want to do.

Each strip was cut into equilateral triangles and decompose them by size.

Handmade Christmas tree_4

Step 5: Assembling Christmas trees.

In the trunk we put triangles of sisal, piercing them in the middle of the barrel, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest. Triangles orient arbitrarily, to create a more «fluffy».

Handmade Christmas tree_3

Step 6. Dressing

The top of the Christmas tree decorate beads, be sure to plant it on the glue. Decorate the whole Christmas tree beads.

Handmade Christmas tree_2

Handmade Christmas tree

Herringbone is ready!

Let this little beauty will bring you a lot of happiness in the New Year!


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