Christmas decorations by hand.

Approaching the New Year — the winter fairy tale, wonderful experiences, rest. These days we want to decorate your house, especially if on the eve of it will meet a noisy company.

Of course, you can draw walls trivial tinsel and lights, but to use any original ideas Christmas decorations will be much better. Often, these ornaments are even cheaper than the products of mass production, because most of them can be done independently from the materials at hand.
How do you, for example, is such a furry moon glued cardboard and tissue paper.

It’s just a great idea for decoration of the house and for photo shoots, which can make a New Year’s Eve and the following weekend. Children and guests will be from such a decoration just delighted, and it is not difficult (step by step photos manufacture see below).

Do not think that the various stars of the paper in the technique of origami — the lot of children. Of them can make original garlands, unusual line, draw walls and furniture. And all this for mere pennies! Several interesting and easy way to add up these figures from a paper presented in the following pictures.

You do not have to suffer, trying to master the ancient Japanese craftsmanship, and cut into strips of multicolored confetti or paper or cloth, and then decorate their walls. However, you will need a lot of material, but vivid and memorable ambiance of your New Year’s party is guaranteed.

Or take a brilliant thick aluminum paper, which is made of «gold» or «silver» wall. Imagine how such a bright idea looks on a holiday.

Another way to make a budget charming decor — used seemingly totally suitable object — pasta-bows. Cover them with glitter, you can make original garlands that will give odds to many plastic the purchased jewelry.

Arrange the room with brilliant feathers edging, as in the photographs below. They perfectly fit in a Christmas setting.

We continue to councils for the production of various paper festive fixtures. Glue for guests bright caps, crowns and masks. It seems that this is only a detail, but it does not get them to create a festive mood. Believe me, your guests, both adults and children will thank you.

Do not forget about the main character of New Year’s Eve — Christmas tree. Because anything can make hand-made toys for her outfits: they are knit, weave beads, cut out of wood, carved out of paper, sewn from fabric and many more techniques used to decorate the tree. Here are a few ideas of the decor, which is easy to do yourself.

Do not forget the New Year lighting. Ordinary incandescent lamp can be turned into a bright flashlight, drawing on their ornate decoration. Decorate mirror electric garlands and you multiply light repeatedly.

Do not forget to take care about the design of the New Year’s table. Glasses decorate using shiny ribbons or ink, for convenience they may be applied to guests’ rooms, so nobody worried about that holiday will not mess up his glass.

In cakes, muffins and desserts slide rods with various homemade decorative details.

For a special cookie icing and gritting, which will help to make them more suitable for the New Year.

Figures from marshmallow souffle and easy to make your own with the help of small molds for baking. They perfectly complement the dessert, it will be a highlight. Put them on the sticks or add coffee or cocoa. Such nice details will make New Year’s interior is original and cozy.

Good idea — decorate a bottle of champagne. Festive table with the design will be even more memorable.

New Year’s champagne gift

Do not forget about the Bengal lights, party poppers with confetti and small cards with congratulations.

Christmas decorations can be a unique and vibrant without the high cost. Let it be for your family a nice tradition — to prepare the house for the arrival of the New Year with the help of homemade crafts!

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