How to make a band with roses

How to make a band with roses

How to make band roses

1. Make band roses thin wooden toothpick or pin of place on the left edge of the tape. Slightly moistened fingers tightly screw the number of turns on it — is the core of the future roses.

2. The left hand hold the coils at the bottom of the core, and the right — Fold the tape diagonally away. In double tape twist pin of left to right, not tight twisting turns of the new double before the end of the tape.

3. Again, fold the tape against the rod and wind the turns while holding the base with your left hand and index finger — the middle of the back. Repeat this step several times, trying to make the core rosettes volume. When placing the turns, pull the belt tighter at the base of the flower more freely configure and petals.

4. When the remaining 5-6 cm, gently pull down the pin of the left hand, holding the rosettes, right up to the end of the tape. Threads in tone fasten the coils at the base of the flower.

5. The free end of the tape, take a petal, cleaning cut inside, and sew a rosette — the flower is ready.

6. Ready roses sew or glue to the rim from the middle to both sides, so as not to be seen the base of the flower. Cut out of a green fabric scissors «Zigzag» leaflets and stick them between buds.

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