The idea for handmade flower beds. Small garden of pallets

The idea for handmade flower beds. Small garden of pallets

It is summer, which means it’s time to do gardening. The «apartment» conditions will help us handmade flower beds small garden of pallets. This garden, ideal in the design of the balcony conventional apartments. Where you can accommodate a large number of different plants. And, of course, easy to transport from place to place.


Step 1: We are looking for pallet
The first task — to find a pallet or pallet. the pallet requirements are very simple: all the boards should be in place. Find the pallet can be virtually any stock, the store building materials or even in the food supermarket.

Step 2: Gather materials
Besides pallet, we need: a few bags of garden soil, flowers for transplanting, a roll of landscape fabric (can be replaced with plastic wrap), stapler and sandpaper.

Step 3: Here is the order in Pallet
Sandpaper handle pallet, which would it was not chipped.

Step 4: Working stapler
Measure out the correct piece of landscape fabric to cover the sides of the double layer, bottom and one from the back of the tray. Now with the help of a stapler fasten our fabric for the flight, placing brackets every 5 centimeters (you can use a hammer and small nails). Do not forget that you need to walk not only on the perimeter, but also on the boards, which are located in the middle of the pallet.

handmade flower beds

handmade flower beds2

Step 5: Getting fit
Now we moved to our main goal. Primarily, transplant flowers on top of the pallet. Then fill the pallet garden soil, not forgetting its evenly distributed across the area of the pallet and a second transplant of the colors.
Important clarification transplant: colors should be enough, between the flowers should not be a long distance.

handmade flower beds3

handmade flower beds4

Step 6: Set garden on the balcony
When all the flowers are replanted and well rammed, we leave pallets in a horizontal position for a few weeks, so that the earth does not spill out of the pan. When our flowers are well strengthened in the ground betray the pallet upright. Our pallet mini garden is ready!

handmade flower beds5

Several options for home mini gardens of pallets:

handmade flower beds6

handmade flower beds7

handmade flower beds8

handmade flower beds9

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