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Garden paths caps

Garden paths of caps Recently, a magazine read an interesting idea — homemade garden paths of the caps from plastic bottles. The article was written, that to create a track length of 15 m and a width of 55 cm has been spent 9000 caps. This idea is only the number of covers without scares. […]

Flower beds cheap make

Flower beds cheap to make Flower beds cheap make, how to add interest to your flower beds? Another great ideas will make your garden unique! stacked beds

Homemade simple things for the garden and home

Homemade simple things for the garden and home There are many reasons not to spend a lot of money on garden furniture of their dreams, and homemade simple things for the garden and home — all this can be done. Tables, shelves, ottomans, benches, racks, stools and stands — choose anything like it!

Garden paths Handmade

Garden paths Handmade Very often the Garden paths Handmade on our sites appear spontaneously — where we usually go. It is not necessary to be a landscape designer or builder to build on your site beautiful, durable and safe track. Some information, effort and imagination — and the «dream path» is ready. The only before […]