Flower beds cheap make

Flower beds cheap to make

Flower beds cheap make, how to add interest to your flower beds? Another great ideas will make your garden unique!

  • stacked beds

Flower beds cheap to make.Stacked beds

Several wooden planks, and the usual ladder turns into a compact rack plant. It is convenient to grow flowers, herbs and fresh herbs.

Pick-sided stepladder. Using a ruler, measure the desired length of the wooden slats, which will replace the shelf. Prepare the necessary rail dliny.Oni should be longer ladder supports approximately 20 cm from each side.
Place the wooden slats 4-5 through an equal distance from each other, to get the grid shelf. Nail the slats. Then file off the edges to the edges of shelves looked neat. The new rack can be painted, covered with a protective varnish for wood.

  • Flower beds cheap make: Train Planters of Old Crates

Flower beds cheap to make

Flower beds cheap to make2

What a great idea! You can recycle some old Crates and build a nice planter train ..

These trains Planters very easy to do. We need to do some DIY crates, a hammer, a chisel, and a bunch of pretty flowers. Connect train cabins to each other through a pair of chains.
holidayandcrafts.com sure that this flowerbed will decorate your Garden.

  • Train — a flower bed of old barrels and wood

Flower beds cheap make.Train - a flower bed of old barrels Flower beds cheap make.Train - a flower bed of wood

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