Donuts with filling.


We will need:

For the dough:

Milk 300 g
1 package yeast
3 tbsp. sugar spoon
50 g of butter or margarine
1 egg
1 h. Teaspoon salt
500 g flour
1 liter of oil for deep-frying.

For filling:
Fillings can be done a variety. Sweet and even salted. Boiled condensed milk, chocolate spread, marmalade, can be cut into small cubes banana without any additives.
Another delicious stuffing with cheese: 150 g cottage cheese, 1 egg yolk, finely prezanny dill and salt.
We will have donuts with apple, sugar and cinnamon.
Apple must be cut into small cubes, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.
Mix all ingredients for the dough. It must be very gentle. We put it in a warm place to rise. Punched and start to work.
Roll out the sausage and cut into small pieces.
Then, forming circles, put the stuffing on them. Top camouflage second circle.
The resulting drop the donuts in a deep pot or pan with hot oil. And fry until golden brown on both sides (watch out for the oil temperature if the oil budetslishkom hot donuts will burn on the outside, but inside not propekutsya). We take out and put on a towel to glass excess oil.
Serve hot donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar.



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