Custard cake «Sheep»


For the body of sheep:
1 tbsp. water
1 tbsp. flour
125 gr. margarine or plums. oils
4-5 eggs
vegetable oil
a pinch of salt

For the cream:
200 gr. soft butter
1 can (380 ml.) Of cooked condensed milk

For the head of sheep:
200 gr. cookie (for example, «For coffee» or «for tea»)
2 table. l. thick plum jam or condensed milk
70 gr. softened plums. oils
2 tbsp. l. cocoa

For decoration:
almond petals (2 per cake) or finely chopped almonds
150-200 gr. white confectionery glaze (can substitute lemon or protein coating (see. Easter cake))
1. Of these ingredients prepare choux dough, spread it on a teaspoon of baking tray greased with oil and bake custard cake round shape (see. Photo-recipe). This will be the body «sheep.»

2. Prepare the cream Tauride. Beat the butter, then add the pieces to the boiled condensed milk and whisk together. The resulting cream fill using kornetika syringe or pastry custard pastries.

3. Making the lambs head. Cookies grind in a meat grinder or blender to a fine crumb, mix with cocoa, add butter and jam or condensed milk. Knead until smooth. This «test» is okay to cling to the hands, if molded well enough, you can add a little jam or condensed milk. From the resulting mass sculpt sheep head. Put in the fridge.

4. The white confectionery glaze melt the water bath. Lubricate its surface custard pastry and sprinkled with coconut. Spread on baking paper and leave to dry.

5. The heads of lambs and attach using the confectionery coating. She also draw the eyes and nose. Ears do the petals of almond or finely chopped almonds. Put the custard in the fridge.

Enjoy your tea!

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