Chocolate leaves to decorate desserts


Such are the leaves of chocolate — a very simple and original way to decorate not only one dessert, and ice cream.

For work, we need to take a few leaves, is very well suited rose leaves, currants, lemon, apple, and it is desirable that they were pronounced streaks — then our chocolate leaves will turn more natural.

Cooking method:
1. In a water bath rastravlivaem any chocolate: white, black, milk.

2. Apply with a brush on the melted chocolate washed and dried by the leaves. A thick layer of chocolate is not worth putting, but leaves must not show through the layer. Better applied to the inner side of the sheet. So it is more convenient to remove the sheet.

3. Spread the leaves with chocolate on a plate and put on half an hour in the freezer.

4. After carefully remove frost with chocolate leaves.

5. All — our leaves are ready, and now they can decorate anything.

6. It is necessary to remember that chocolate leaves very quickly melt away in the hands, so to decorate the product, it is desirable to transfer them with a knife or the blade.





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