Chiffon cake with cherries.

Chiffon cake with cherries

Chiffon cake cherries i want to share with you a recipe. Chiffon cake has a special structure — the soft, wet, loose and easy. This biscuit is different from the conventional in that it is not necessary to impregnate and wait 12 hours — it’s so tender and soft that start making the cake can be as soon as it cools down. In combination with sweet milk cream and a cherry sour obtained simply taste explosion! If the cake is preparing not for children, I recommend cherries soaked in brandy — it will taste even better!

Chiffon cake cherries

water 175 g
200 g flour
sugar 225 g
salt 1/4 hours. l.
60 g of cocoa
sunflower oil 125 ml
10 g baking powder
Soda 1 hour. l.
4 chicken eggs yolk protein 8
cream 400 ml milk 100 ml
caster sugar 150g
Cherry 500g
bitter chocolate 100g
cane sugar 2 tbsp. l.
butter 50g
Prepare a Chiffon cake cherries. In the ladle to pour water, add cocoa and bring to a boil. Cool.

Beat the egg yolks until white with 180 grams of sugar.

Pour vegetable oil and mix well until smooth.

The egg-oil mixture to pour the cooled cocoa and mix well.

Pour the sifted flour with salt, baking soda and baking powder and mix until uniform.

Chilled Beat the egg whites with the remaining 45g of sugar until peaks.

Add the beaten egg whites into the dough pieces, gently stirring.

The finished dough pour into an ungreased !!! Multivarki bowl, set the «Baking» mode for 80 minutes, and cook up a signal.
Bake a cake and can be in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, frozen cherries leave at room temperature thawed.

Ready cake do not try to pull out of the cup Multivarki — you only damage its shape!

You just need to turn a bowl of sponge cake upside down and leave in this position until cool.

Then remove the bowl. That’s a tall biscuit!

Cut off the tip at the biscuit.

Carefully remove the spoon pulp circle, leaving the sides and bottom.

Pulp biscuit break his arms, it is very soft and friable.

Add cherries (leave some berries for decoration).

Cream 35% beat until peaks with powdered sugar.

By the biscuit crumbs and add the cherry cream (set aside some for decoration) and mix.

Fill devastated biscuit filling.

Cover the tip and remove the cold for a couple of hours.

Prepare the ganache. In the ladle to pour heavy cream, add sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, immediately add the chocolate broken into pieces, stir until smooth and add the soft butter and mix again until smooth. Ganache cool.

Pour ganache cake cooled down. Remove cold for 30-45 minutes.

Garnish with whipped cream and berries. Chiffon cake cherries  is ready!

Chiffon cake cherries_2

Enjoy your tea!

Happy New Year and Christmas!

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