Cheesecake with coconut




— 1 tablespoon of cereal (you can just oat)
— 1 tbsp flour
— 1 egg
— 12 hours l.sody
— Article 12 Sugar
— 100g margarine
— 1-2 tablespoons sour cream or yogurt

Margarine is growing with sugar add the eggs, sour cream, cereals, flour and baking soda, mix well and quickly. Share on the bottom of the oil lubricated form

Cottage cheese filling:
— 400 grams of cottage cheese
— 200 g sour cream
— 2 eggs
— 3-4 tbsp semolina
— 3-4 tablespoons of flour or starch
— Article 12 Sugar
— Coconut
— Raisins and dried fruit as desired

Curd is desirable to rub through a sieve. All the ingredients are mixed, pour on a layer of dough, bake at 200 degrees 30-40 minutes. You can first close, then give the form a foil for 15 minutes browned. Readiness check match or wooden stick.
A little cool, to get out of shape. Coat the top layer of syrup and sprinkle with coconut.

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