Cake with popcorn


Cake with popcorn. Ingredients
100 grams of sweet popcorn
400 g of chocolate
500 g of cottage cheese
200 g of yoghurt
1 large lemon
Gelatin 20 g
200 grams of cream 33-35%
0.5 cups of sugar

Soak gelatin in 150 ml of cold boiled water and leave for 1 hour.
Step 2 Melt chocolate in a water bath.
Step 3 A little popcorn postpone for decoration, the rest a little crush (not too finely).
Step 4 Mix popcorn and chocolate (you can leave a little bit of chocolate for decoration).
Step 5 Put the popcorn with chocolate in a releasable form (I have a form with a diameter of 26 cm). Put in the fridge to the mass of well frozen.
Step 6 Cottage cheese mixed with yogurt.
Step 7 Squeeze in cottage cheese lemon juice, mix well.
Step 8 Gelatin melt in a water bath.
Step 9: Whip cream with sugar.
Step 10 In the cottage cheese add gelatin and cream, beat well.
Step 11: The resulting mass is put on a frozen popcorn. Put in the fridge for 7-8 hours, the mass should be well cool.
Step 12 Ready to decorate the cake with chocolate and popcorn.
Bon Appetit!

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